UC value calculator strengthens BroadSoft's commitment to offering customer value

To engage in strategic business planning discussions with its telco service provider clients, BroadSoft’s VP of Market Offers needed to develop a complete value calculator clearly showing the value offered from investing in its Hosted Unified Communications solutions, across any number of client business scenarios.

Based on a detailed business model analysis, we developed an integrated value model, showcasing the net financial impact from dozens of business and operational decisions needed for implementing Hosted UC services. Our customer value model also includes a side-by-side comparison of the value - revenue, costs, profit and more - generated by implementing Hosted UC in-house or outsourced.

Using this powerful and interactive, value-driven approach, and with our ongoing support, BroadSoft’s marketing and sales teams are now partnering with chosen clients to understand and optimize the value of investing in its UC solutions.

Introducing an improved, Web customer buying experience increases customer engagement 3-5x

To update its online presence and offer clients a better buying experience the CMO at OneAccess Networks, a global provider of enterprise IT devices, needed to modernize its Website. As a key customer touchpoint, it needed to allow a range of business and technical minded stakeholders to conduct the various steps in their customer buying journey.

After a careful analysis we designed an improved customer buying experience: Reorganizing a complex, 66-item product and service portfolio into a set of market-driven product families and solutions; Creating unique value propositions and content for each; Facilitating client discovery and selection by added the ability to find the right products and compare them according to key market and technical criteria.

Launched in early 2014, the new web-based buying experience is a marked improvement over the previous one, driving 3 - 5 times more customer engagment.

For more details and insights read the case study.

CMO redesigns product strategy using interim market strategy experts, sustaining margins +10-15% above the market level

Faced with an urgent need during a staff shortage, the CMO of an international, managed enterprise IT firm requested our interim market strategy expertise to redesign the product strategy of an existing Ethernet networking device line up.

To answer the key strategic questions 'Where we should play?' and 'How can we win?', we worked in close cooperation with product marketing, sales and engineering teams to formulate the results of our analysis in a strategy proposal. It included a full market view; a candid assessment of the firm's competitive position, including 1st-hand client insights; an analysis of the opportunities for developing this business and explicit descriptions of target value propositions and the required commercial programs.

The proposal was presented to the firm's board and to investors, leading to a refocusing of product evolution and commercial efforts, helping sustain double-digit growth and margins +10-15% above the average in a highly competitive market.

For further insights read the case study.

Study examines telecom service providers' diverse measures for managing service costs

Customized client research - Business IT vendor

To enhance its commitment towards its clients, OneAccess wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the latest measures used to control their cost base for delivering new communication services.

Merkado undertook a dedicated customer study with several objectives:

  1. Understand how service providers currently control services delivery costs
  2. Identify emerging opportunities for further cost management
  3. Provide a updated framework for advising its clients on ways to successfully manage their service delivery cost base.

The results, which revealed 4 distinct areas of cost-reduction focus - Commercial & Financial, Organizational, Operational, Customer Experience - were published in a special report offering OneAccess' clients insights into the latest cost reduction strategies. The findings have also proved valuable when engaging commercial discussions with prospects on this ever-important business issue.

Thought leadership does pay: Value-driven B2B white paper helps net new €300k contract

Creating thought leadership - Business IT vendor

As a leading worldwide provider of business access routers, OneAccess Networks wanted to point out the business value for service provider to invest in its IP business voice services portfolio. Merkado developed a comprehensive white paper demonstrating the real value offered to its prospective clients’ stakeholders, and highlighting key considerations for successfully commercializing new business communication offers, as shown through client case studies.

The white paper proved compelling enough for a manger at one client to use selected parts to complete an investment request. Once submitted to his management team, the request resulted in a positive investment decision, generating a €300k deal for OneAccess.

For more insights read the case study.

Invoicing software-as-a-service achieves 2x client growth rate

New Product Development & Commercial Launch – SaaS Provider / Web Agency

Following the success of Factomos, an online invoicing service for small businesses, a French Web firm wanted to launch a new product targeting their end-customers' accountants.

To assure the quick delivery and commercialization of a market-driven offering, Merkado designed and implement a customized, integrated go-to-market program. The initiatives delivered include the development of go-to-market strategy, a study of end-customer usage and expectations, implementation of a commercial product roadmap process, creation of various sales and marketing tools, client testimonials and the management of external partners.

These initiatives resulted in a 2x increase to their new client growth rate only months after the product launch.

For more insights read the case study.

Work tool suite so small businesses can thrive, without the hassles

Value Proposition Design & Business AdvisoryInternet Start-Up

An Internet start-up was looking to quickly bring to market a suite of high-performance work tools allowing small businesses to thrive, but without the regular hassles.

To quickly raise the possibility of investment, Merkado spearheaded a high-value program to accelerate the start-up’s incubation. To design an attractive and competitive offer we performed an in-depth small business audit, new product concept testing, and the design of a targeted customer value proposition, including a business model benchmark and commercial roadmap.

With a more compelling business proposal in hand, the start-up was better equipped to search for further funding.

Business case analysis shows 'Hosted UC' drives over €50 ARPU for SMBs

Business Case Evaluation - Business Software Vendor

A leading IT software vendor needed to show the business value for service providers to invest in new, Hosted Unified Communication services targeting SMBs.

We developed a comprehensive business case integrating the latest market findings, while evaluating probable business outcomes through an analysis of different “what-if?” scenarios.

The case proved critical in helping service providers understand the emerging business models and the potential value of this new service opportunity.

+175% sales of managed enterprise services with value-driven sales tools

Value-driven Selling Tools - Networking Equipment Vendor

A global network solutions vendor wanted to create a market position to boost awareness and demand for its managed enterprise services.

A global positioning and sales campaign was created, supported by a range of customer value-driven sales tools: General service benefit descriptions; End-customer case studies, and value-driven sales presentations.

This content was used successfully with clients accross the sales process, contributing to a +150%-to-200% sales increase.

Indoor mobile broadband value analysis shows +12% cash flow vs. outdoor-only, resulting in M€ investment

Comparative Value Analysis - Mobile Communication Provider

In addition to rolling-out out standard outdoor coverage, a leading European mobile service provider needed to asses the business case for offering in-building, high-speed mobile services coverage within major city centers.

Following a joint, comparative business value analysis, evaluating ‘indoor & outdoor’ vs. ‘outdoor-only’ service coverage, the former was found to generate more value as measured through incremental cash flow.

The findings lead of this study lead to the approval of a multi-million Euro 3G indoor coverage investment by the company’s board of directors.

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